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We are traffic ticket law firm that specializes in traffic citations in [category_name] Ga. We pride ourselves on communication – we promptly return our client’s phone calls and emails, provide timely updates regarding your case, and are always happy to answer your questions.

As a Georgia traffic lawyer, I know the game, the referees, the opposition, the rules and much more. Our fees are reasonable and are clear flat fee representation so you are never surprised by the legal fees I charge. They are based on the superior level of services I provide. In the traffic ticket lawyer business, and especially with a so-called speeding ticket lawyer, you get what you pay for. You can exceed the speed limit in Georgia and still not be guilty of speeding if your speed is reasonable.

How Do I Fight a Traffic Ticket? Win in Court Today!

Driving Under The Influence Of Drugs Whenever you are having problems with the law, it is crucial to find a lawyer that will best suit your particular needs, to have a better chance of winning your court case; at the same time, you can avoid paying a heavy fine, among other penalties, or - if you are aiming for this - you can get a compensation for yourself. You will need a criminal layer for criminal court cases, while for divorce settlement, you will need a divorce lawyer.
The Type of Lawyer To ChooseIt is extremely important to select the right type of lawyer that will be fit for the particular area of law involved in your case. This way, you can be sure that this lawyer has enough significant experience and expertise to help you in winning your case - which is better than having a wide range of knowledge that has less depth.
Role of Traffic Lawyers when it comes to parking tickets and disputes over car accidents, traffic lawyers can provide help in these circumstances. In case you are caught speeding or violating a traffic rule, but you believe that it is not your fault, you can ask the help of a traffic lawyer to defend you so that you will not get marks on your license, plus you will not have to pay an expensive fine.
How Can Traffic Lawyers Help?
In any of the aforementioned situations, traffic lawyers can assist in several, different ways. When it comes to speeding ticket cases, there are several loopholes that can let you find a way out. For example, if a speed sign or a road sign appears to be unreadable or may be hard to decipher, you can argue that you are not aware of the speed limit and this can help prevent you from getting a ticket.
Various Circumstances:
Traffic lawyers can provide help in a lot of related cases, since many times, drivers pay for speeding tickets which they should not pay for; furthermore, if they lose their license in the process, it will significantly change their lives for the worse. When it comes to road accidents, a traffic lawyer can either come to your defense or prosecute another party in a civil case. In such cases, the role of a criminal lawyer may coincide with that of a traffic lawyer, where you may be prosecuted for causing a crime while driving, like hit and run.
Evidences That Work to Your Advantage:
If you are not guilty, there are a lot of small pieces of evidence which can work to your advantage. As an example, a spot on the street can let the court know where you stepped on the break or your exact trajectory. At the same time, witnesses and CCTV can add more to the evidences, as they show clear details with regards to the damage to property and vehicles. You will definitely find a traffic lawyer helpful in listing the names of possible witnesses, including their numbers and any other details that may be significant, later on. If you want to have positive results in your court case, you should definitely seek a traffic lawyer to help you with your legal issues.

You Think Your Traffic Is Bad? Ha!

Failure To Yield When Turning Left If you have been cited for a traffic violation like reckless driving, driving under the influence, leaving the place of an accident, illegal u-turns, or a driving over the speed limit, you will probably need the help of a traffic lawyer.
Whether it is a minor traffic violation like driving over speed limit or a more serious traffic violation like reckless driving, they can have an enormous negative impact on your life. Starting from having points deducted from driver licenses, which will drastically increase your insurance rates, to having your driving privileges suspended, a traffic lawyer will more than likely help you avoid all the headaches.
So, if you decide to fight a traffic ticket, your lawyer will do all the work for you. This will entail gathering all the information, requesting the discovery from the prosecutor, researching all the legal issues and determining which defense will work best for you, interviewing witnesses and working with the law enforcement and court officials. And all these with the goal of getting your traffic ticket dismissed or get all the charges against you dismissed, if you are charged with a major traffic violation.
While there is a certain fee the traffic lawyers will charge you, the gain you will get as a result of their work will be so much higher. For example, if you get a speeding ticket and decide to just pay the ticket, which is the equivalent of pleading guilty, you will also be deducted the points from you driver's license and the ticket will go on your driving record. If you decide to have the points removed, you will have to go to traffic school, which is not free. Besides that your insurance rates will go off the roof. Adding together all these cost, you will realize that getting a traffic lawyer to fight the traffic ticket for you will be definitely more cost effective. Analyzing it at an even higher level, if you have a major traffic violation charge, such as reckless driving or leaving the scene of an accident, hiring a traffic attorney would definitely be your best bet.
With these kinds of charges, you may be facing jail time, and freedom has no price. Besides all the costs that you will accrue like fines and higher insurance rates, if you are found guilty you will also have to pay court cost, and of course will serve a certain amount of time in jail. Putting this into balance, there is no doubt that you should hire a traffic lawyer to represent you. It is the best decision you can make.

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